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 Creature Feature Creations

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Creature Feature

Creature Feature

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PostSubject: Creature Feature Creations   Sun Jul 17, 2011 8:57 pm

Creature Feature Here!

As you know, I do edits and whatnot. My specialty is taking a photo that already exists and turning it into something spectacular. You can look at my Avi for an example. My specialty are banners and avatars.

I have a BUSY life people. So if you do request for something, dont expect to have it done as soon as you type it out. Each creation can take me from 10 min. to an hour depending on what you want.

Please also be specific and use correct English. I am not going to do something for you if you dont compleately explain what you want. Also, if you want a picture edited, please give me the URL in your post.
Thank you

.:Creature Feature:.
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Creature Feature Creations
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