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 -Very- Brief Newbie Guide

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Kurei Hitaka

Kurei Hitaka

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PostSubject: -Very- Brief Newbie Guide   Sat Jul 16, 2011 8:01 pm

Some people might say there's either too much or not info on the website, so I'm just gonna jot down a few brief notes to get people started out.

1. Talk to the professor, get the luxury ball. Note that your starter can be any pokemon you find on the map, -not- just the ones in the little area you start at.

2. To train now, you battle wild pokemon until level 25, and fight players from then on to gain experience. Victories yield more exp than defeats, but defeats still reward decent exp in trainer fights (not the case in wild battles).
2a. Battling wilds is done by rightclickng and selecting the Battle Wild Poemon choice, or creating a byond macro for Battle-Wild-Pokemon.
2b. Once in a battle, defeat the enemy by clicking the 'attribute boxes' or capture it with the 'catch' icon.
2c. If you faint a pokemon, but want to catch it, choose the option 'Hell No'. Even a normal pokeball will auto-catch a fainted wild.
2d. When starting a trainer battle, choose your opponent by right clicking and selecting Choose Opponent, then stand 5 squares apart and click the toggle battle mode verb. Battles are always full battles.

3. Gym Leader positions require your partner pokemon (the one following you around) to be level 50+. E4 and Team Leader/Champ info to come later.

6. Finally, report all problems in the Report section of the forums. Thank you.
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-Very- Brief Newbie Guide
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